Locked Down

So, the entire country has been locked down for 3 weeks. No one can go outside. People who do go outside, face this.

Today is the 6th day of being cooped up with family. Patience is running thin and tempers are high; however, things are stabilizing slowly.

Between office work & household chores, there’s no time for boredom and the days are passing by quickly.

Today while cooking, I found this old friend, which should make the next few days a bit easier.

Old and forgotten friend

Kudos to delivery guys who are keeping us well stocked and fed. Shame on people who are deliberately hiding their travel history or flouting self-isolation requirements by socializing. I hope they are thrown into jail where they get infected again and this time rot in isolation.

Home Garden – Fenugreek

I grew the common Fenugreek from seeds that my daughter brought from school. I planted them around an inch deep of moist soil and within days, they sprouted.

Common Fenugreek

The first few inches of the plant are a bit soft/weak and require some support. The top part is quite rigid and self sufficient.

This plant requires almost no maintenance.

I keep this in direct sunlight.

This plant is a vociferous water drinker and its leaves start drooping if you even miss 1 watering session. I water it between twice a week during peak winters and every day during peak summers. I fertilize it every 2 months or depending on when it shows signs of growth.

Home Garden – My Palms & Dragon Tree

My Palms are perhaps my most favourite plants of all. As a guy who loves the beach and tropical climates, I find that the Palms bring a bit of the tropical paradise in my home.

My favourite Palm

This Parlor Palm above is my favourite. It is in good health, growing steadily. I love watching its leaves sway gently in the breeze from my window.

Shown above is another Parlor Palm on a different balcony along with a Dragon Tree.

These plants require some maintenance, basically only troweling the top soil once in a while, clipping off brown leaves. Although these plants are meant to be kept indoors, I prefer to keep them on my balconies, partly because of space concerns and especially because I love their leaves swaying in the wind.

The first one is kept in partial shade, the other 2 get direct sunlight 3-4 hours in the summers.

I water them between once or twice a week during peak winters and alternate days/everyday during peak summers. I fertilise them every 2 months or depending on when they show signs of growth.

Home Garden – Plant Wall

I got this expandable plant wall from Amazon. It was relatively cheap and I had an empty wall outside my balcony.

My Plant Wall

Took me an hour to install, and a quick shopping trip to the nearest nursery to get plants for it.

The top row has 3 Dumbcane plants.

The middle row has 3 Desert Rose Cacti.

The bottom row has 3 Golden Pothos (A Money plant with light coloured leaves), the middle one also has a Heartleaf Philodendron which is a different variety of money plant with bigger & darker leaves. Also, their tips are a vibrant orange/red before they spout leaves.

All the plants are in partial shade.

All the plants are very low maintenance, but especially the cacti, which require next to no water or maintenance. Still they bloom all year round with pretty little flowers.

I water them all between once a week during peak winters and alternate days during peak summers. For the cacti, only a few ml at a time.
I fertilise them all once every 2 months.

Next on the list would be to expand it a bit during the summers. Maybe alternate the small and big plants so that the bigger ones get more sunlight.

Home Garden – Foxtail Fern

This is the second most favourite plant I have at home.

My Foxtail Fern

This plant requires almost no maintenance, maybe clipping off yellowing branches once in a while for aesthetics. The most time I have spent on this one is when I transplanted it from a plastic pot to this ceramic one.

I keep this in partial shade.

I water it between once a week during peak winters and alternate days during peak summers. I fertilise it every 2 months or depending on when it shows signs of growth.

I am into Gardening now

I am officially old; in the last few months, I have grown increasingly interested in gardening, having plants in beautiful pots and watching them grow (most of the time).

There’s nothing as peaceful as watching the fruits of your labour flourish and sway in the wind.

Anyways, below are a few tools I recommend everyone doing casual gardening to have.

  • PictureThis (Plant Identifier) – This is a terrific and useful app which uses Machine Learning to identify plants from their photos. I found the accuracy of this app to be very high. After identifying a particular plant, it shows you information about the plant. It is especially useful when buying new plants because in many instances, I have seen that a seller is not able to explain details about a plant. The basic version is free, but there’s a subscription which allows you unlimited identification and also lets you diagnose plant problems or diseases.
  • Trowel – This is a must have for everyone, is useful for loosening the top soil of plants periodically, mixing fertilisers etc. Buy different sizes depending on the size of your pots and requirements.
A trowel
  • Water Spray – These come in different varieties. You need to fill water, pump the top handle to compress the air inside and then you can use the trigger to spray water out.
Water Spray

Most of these have an adjustable nozzle which can spray a fine mist or shoot a thin jet of water. It is especially useful to spray water on plant leaves (cleaning and moisturising them) or watering smaller pots without making a mess.

More detailed posts coming up.

Pathetic Fool-2

It is impossible to go anywhere in Gurgaon (Sorry, Gurugram) without stumbling across such idiots.

German Engineering

This one has a Mercedes Benz logo on his Nissan Sunny. Immediately reminded me of people who put Apple logos on their non-Apple laptops.

I do not understand what people achieve with all this. Maybe there are even bigger fools out there who actually believe that it is a Mercedes/MacBook.

McDonald Drive thru VIP

On closer inspection, it turns out this guy is a McDonald Drive through VIP. I don’t even know what that means. In a drive through queue, when this guy comes along, they remove all the other cars and let him get his Vegeterian burger first?

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